A Complete Guide on How to Make Money from Home in 2019

Being broke is only fun in sitcoms. I’m sure none of us know a broke person who is happy with the situation.

Like it or not, money does make the world go round. What’s that you say? Rich people can be miserable too? Well, would you rather be miserable in a Porsche or on a bicycle?

Fortunately for all of us Porsche-less folk, this is the age of technology, and an internet connection can open up so many possibilities. This includes the opportunity to earn money from home.

Unfortunately, most of the sites that promote making money from home are riddled with computer viruses, shoddy content, and spam. Time is a valuable commodity, so I have saved you a lot of it and done the research.

Yes, we all want a good income, but how can we make money from home?

Yes, we can! There are several ways on how to make money online.

Check out my list of tried and tested ways to do it.

18 Ways to Make Money from Home

1. Take Paid Surveys

Survey groups work with companies to help them properly gauge what consumers want and if what they provide is actually feasible.

Let me start with something extremely important: you should never pay to work! It’s as simple as that. This should be your guide on how to spot a fake survey group from a real one.

What does it involve?

It seems self-explanatory, but let me clarify, just in case. If you decide to do one, the process will start with you signing up to a survey groups’ website.

We tested and reviewed around 20+ major paid surveys sites and managed to sort out the 9 best paid online survey platforms – to save you some time, the winner was Survey Junkie.

After registration, you’ll complete an online survey, either earning points that you can cash out later or making money right there and then.

How does it work?

Most survey groups require that you sign up to their website or app. While you are signing up, you will be asked a few personal questions, which will help the group assign relevant surveys to you.

After completing each survey, you will accumulate money and have access to it.

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